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Joining forces with students TU Delft

In September we kicked off our project with TU Delft students of the faculty of Industrial Design. With our Echo X technology as starting point they will use their strategic skillset to come up with new product-market combinations.

For the students this is their final project of the Bachelor Industrial Design. A 10-week project where the students individually work on a design proposition. The project, besides the scope, will also evolve around the students personal design interested and skills acquired during the Bachelor. After this many will continue their masters, where most will go for the master Strategic Product Design.

As DT-Solutions we asked them to come up with new, technology driven, product-market ideas. Based on experience and network, our heads are pointed in the direction of the aviation industry, which is a good and interesting scope, but where we suspect the potential of the technology to be greater than just one market.

Wil Ruijsbroek:

‘The Echo X technology, a point specific through-barrier analysis, is unique and has a huge potential. But next to aviation security, in what other markets will it have benefits, where are the bottlenecks we do not see, and this new disruptive solution, what will it look like?’

We are curious to learn where the bottlenecks in several markets lie, and whether that market has potential. Along that path the students are free to determine their own focus, so whether they will design a way to explore and determine market potential and come up with a recommendations, or whether you focus on a specific product within a market, maybe something completely different!

The first week of September 2022 we provided them with our question and insights in both the company and technology. The week after we welcomed a bunch in our lab in Enschede where (hopefully) further uncertainties and insights were filled in.

We are very grateful to cooperate and learn from this team of clever people and enjoy and get inspired by their questions. Hopefully flying in this project from a technology perspective will inspire and engage them the coming weeks. Most importantly, we are very keen and curious what they come up with!