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Echo X AR

Alarm Resolution for Hold Baggage Systems


Hold Baggage Systems are inflexible and difficult to scale

Legislation forces airports to act. STD3 is now prohibited for primary screening in the HBS process, leaving an open spot for automated alarm resolution. This results in a substantial increased percentage of manual checks, a time and space consuming activity. More agents are needed which results in a sharp rise of operational costs.

The Echo X is the solution. The automated and autonomous alarm resolution solutions ensures optimised throughput of the HBS process as a whole. With its intelligent Through Barrier Analysis, it fills the gap that appeared, provides the next generation security screening for the years to come.


Best for Business Solution

Excellent Business Case

Fully automated alarm resolution is an effective and efficient solution with a much lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Autonomous in Operation

The Echo X functions without the need of an agent and when necessary results can be integrated in an existing platform.

Machine Made Decisions

This machine resolves alarms that otherwise had to be checked manually.

Reducing Staff

The Echo X fills the gap within HBS caused by legislation where airports are forced to increase manual checks. Therefore reducing staff significantly.

Less floor space needed

Manual checks take up heaps of space, and demand extra meters of conveyor-belts for logistics. Echo X can resolve alarms in-line.

Optimised Throughput

The Through Barrier Technology allows for alarm resolution at high speed and an accurate diagnosis. More bags can be scanned in a shorter period of time.