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We develop Through Barrier Identification Solutions,
based on patented X-ray Spectroscopy named Echo X

Through Barrier Substance Identification

Identifying illicit material (solids, liquids, aerosols, foams and gels) through barriers as baggage, drums and parcels, by using X-ray technology, XRD- and an advanced XRS spectrometry method, with supreme algorithms.

Fully automated, non-invasive, and a limited footprint

Without the need of an operator, results can be automatically generated and integrated in an existing software platform. Besides, the relatively compact solution can resolve alarms in-line and saves costly square meters.

Excellent Business Case for Airport Security

Saving time and operator costs by machine made decisions. Echo X has the best business case for Alarm Resolution in Hold Baggage Screening systems in aviation security! We’ve got cases available for all types of airports.

Improving global safety, security & convenience

Better performing screening processes for intercepting explosives, drugs or counterfeits increase safety and security of our society.

Demonstration unit available

In our lab in Enschede we have the ability to display our solution with custom scenarios and substances. We are happy to demonstrate the capabilities of our device.

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Hold Baggage Screening Today

Legislation forces airports to act and STD3 is now prohibited for primary screening in the HBS process, leaving an open spot for automated alarm resolution. The result is a substantial increased percentage of manual checks, a time and space consuming activity. More agents are needed which results in a sharp rise of operational costs. The Echo X is the solution…

Deep Tech Startup

We believe technological innovations can change the world into a safer and more convenient society.

With our multidisciplinary and international team of tech and business, we aim to disrupt markets with our innovative solutions, based on our own Echo X technology.

We combine different talents, knowledge and experience but having a shared ambition: Make the world a safer place.

Tech for Future

Multidisciplinary forensic scanning table